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It's been awhile, like always, but I've just created my first t-shirt design and wanted to share it. It combines my love for "My Neighbor Totoro" and bubble tea. :) I'm actually quite happy about it and that takes a lot from me these days. Any constructive criticism is welcomed!
It's been requested that I make a tutorial on how I made my teeny tiny Treesons. First seen in my photo here:

(The little tiny ones are made by me, this tutorial will show you how to make them)

Treeson is an adorable character created by illustrator Bubi Au Yeung. He has been made into several vinyl toys through Crazylabel. Check out Bubi's website and Crazylabel.com for more info. See more photos of the toys in action at the Treeson Flickr group!

*warning, this is image heavy! Click the cut! :)
Full photo tutorialCollapse )



Alright, that concludes my German question word photos. :)
(Sorry I meant to update this awhile back, but I did redo one of the photos and haven't had the chance to. Boo)

(All photos are clickable, click on them to view the original with both the question and answer)

You may not know this, but I'm learning German. I have the chapter 1 test on Monday and I need to learn the question words. I'm having a difficult time doing so, so I'm using my love for Treeson and photography to help! :)

4/10 - Will post the rest when finished.
Aw dang.. creative slump. Here's some recent Bioshock photos to tide you over:

It's fun to stay at the...

Let's go gather Ladysmith Splicer

The release of NECA's second wave of Bioshock 2 figures have gotten me inspired. So here's to hoping I get back on that damn altered book.
I needed a little break from the Metroid factory I've become, I've made 6 and have 2 more in the works. I'll have to take a picture of all of them stacked up. :P

Today, I decided to spruce up one of my Bioshock posters. :) This is not too interesting, but required a bit of work for something so simple.

Oops! Wrong size!

The Problem!
I had gone in search for a ton of frames for my recent interest in displaying my Bioshock posters/prints/lithographs etc. I thought I had measured them all out correctly but sadly a couple of them were too large for their frames. >< D'oh! Luckily with this one, I had an idea to hide my mistake. Sadly the other will have to wait for a bigger frame. :'( 

This one was a long fold out poster from the strategy guide and the far right side has another page that will not fit into the frame. As you see in the picture, there's a large gap and although I could space it evenly in the frame, I didn't think it would look nice enough. 
The progress & result! Collapse )
Oh oh oh! I'm totally in love with Bioshock right now, but I can't get myself to work on my altered book for the life of me! :(( I'm too afraid of screwing it up or better yet, messing up our new apartment's carpet! What a shame! Dreadful shame! Trust me, I'm obsessed with the damn game and will continue work on that book one of these days! *shakes a righteous fist*
Snip snip Metroid fleece! Argh!! Giant Metroid!

Anyhow, a very strange spark of creative inspiration has finally struck! Thanks to Eyes5's online tutorial on making Metroid plushies. :D I had shown René a link from Sprite Stitch and he was in love. :P He promptly sent me the link to the tutorial and asked me to make him one.

I really don't have my experience in sewing plushies or what have you. Sure I can make one if I wanted to, but I normally like to leave it up to the more talented stitchers out there. haha But thanks to my crafty mother (when we were kids, she used to sew xmas stockings) and a few other things: internet, home economics, art class etc. I did it! And since I snagged a yard of each color, I'll be making more.. :D 

Yikes! It's been awhile since I've updated this place of my Bioshock progress. Not because I haven't been doing anything, but it's more like I've been totally scatterbrained on each page in some way or another.

I'll wrap you in a sheetCollapse )
 When the work week begins, the production of art pretty much goes to a stand still. But hell, I should be thankful that I'm at least interested in creating it for once. 

I had painted this, gosh, Sunday night? Shortly after I had posted my last blog. (I was watching the Food Network Channel, as usual haha) Took me a few goes with the edging, but I'm where I want to be. Although I did notice that my cutting of the layers wasn't as spot-on as I would've liked. Eep! 

As you can see I had also finished the tearing of the pages on the right side as well. I am however concerned about putting my thick rapture-scape on a thin page. I might end up just glueing it to the darker "water" tear. I'm still wondering what I should do with the plain painted pages otherwise. We'll have to see.
-Side notes-
I'm working on a kind of off project, it's of one of those boards that you often see in mug shots that criminals hold at the police station. I don't know the word for it, but I'm creating one for myself. It's a pretty silly project, but I hope it'll go hand in hand with my eventual idea. More on that later. 

Let's see, what else is there? Oh I start my Intro to Digital Photography class next week! I'm very anxious, as I was with my photoshop class. Ugh, I'm anxious with just about anything out of my norm these days. 

Anyhow, today I've got put into a surprising last minute double shift. So the work week is not yet over until I lock the doors tonight. :P 
The pages are slowly falling into place and this is where you'll start to see my ideas come together.
A few progress shots ahead!
The 'sphere is coming up nowCollapse )